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Ann Coulter’s Adam’s Apple to Get Own Fox News Show

TEXAS - USA - Staunch Neocon motor mouth Ann Coulter is going to get her own Fox News show purely for her Adam's Apple it has been announced.

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“Her Adam’s Apple will do the talking, it will be 45 minutes of it moving up and down on her neck and when the show is finished viewers will probably be relieved,” series producer, Al Yankowitz, told Bill O’Reilly on his syndicated show Tuesday.

Miss Coulter’s Adam’s Apple is famous in Neocon circles and is a great topic of conversation in the political cocktail party circuit on Capitol Hill.

“I just can’t stop looking at that thing. When she talks and talks and talks, I just sit there mesmerised by that big ol’ thing moving up and down on her elongated freak neck. I can understand why it got its own show,” Earl Brokoff, a CNN anchor revealed.

Some political pundits have however debated that it is not an Adam’s Apple but actually a testicle she may have bitten off a Liberal detractor, but that was denied as well, because most Liberals don’t have testicles.

The Ann Coulter Adam Apple show will start next week and is sure to be a ratings hit on the Fox Channel.

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