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BREAKING NEWS: Unhinged Trump Finally Loses it On Campaign Stage

COLUMBUS - USA - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has shot himself in the head during a campaign performance that left many in the crowd sick.


The harrowing incident was watched by thousands at the event before cameras were ordered to be switched off and Trump’s security detail tried to save the unhinged reality TV celebrity’s life to no avail.

“He got on stage and he was babbling as he does, talking about the usual narcissistic gibberish. He took out a gun and said he’s doing so great that he could shoot anyone in the audience and still lead the polls, that’s when he began trembling and jibber jabbing, foam came out of his mouth and he put the gun to his temple. He pulled the trigger and there was a muffled bang and some of his brains fell on the podium sliding off onto a bald man’s head sat in the audience. Goddamn I nearly puked. Good thing we never voted for him but it was close, can you imagine such a crazy dude with his finger on the nuke button?” a visibly shaken Rhonda McDougal told Fox5 news.

Mr. Trump was rushed to a local hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

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  1. European ruling elites are trembling in fear that more strong leaders like Trump will take control in Europe and foil their greedy, ruthless, nation-killing plans. Trump’s success will prove how worthless and corrupt the establishment that governs us truly is.
    When you find a champion to fight against the system, ignore the establishment media’a attacks or fake polls, and back him/her up all the way – come hell or high water. Don’t let their media use their voodoo-like, mind controlling, social psychology techniques on you to sway your purpose. Focus your collective will and chose your desperately needed leader – someone tough enough to weather the storm and accomplished enough make good things happen.

  2. R. Budd Dwyer as your nom de plume? pretty tasteless. what a vile piece of trash.


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