Harry and Meghan to Star in Trailer Trash Reality Show

LOS ANGELES - USA - Are Harry and Meghan dragging the British monarchy into the gutter with a new reality show?

harry and meghan - duke and duchess of sussex

They left Britain citing the need for more privacy, yet news filters through that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, have secured a deal to film a reality show filming their private and public lives in their Californian McMansion.

Royal Expert, Arbuthnot Montague, commented on the news.

“It is rather odd that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said they left the UK to pursue a more private life, yet have now signed themselves up to star in a reality show for Americans to gawk at and to drag the Windsor clan through the dustbin of trailer trash television. Maybe Meghan Markle, the low-born part of the equation is hankering for her roots, that of banal mediocrity and peasantry. It is even more disconcerting to see our beloved royal family being besmirched in such a manner by the antics of Harry and Meghan, especially Harry of course who actually does have royal blood, betraying the family and discarding his duty to uphold the royal mantle. Harry is a disgrace to the royal family now, and is a danger to the monarchy as a whole, palace officials are currently looking into the action they will take in accordance with royal protocols and the constitution.”

Indeed, there are murmurs coming from the royal palaces as to the fate of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Some courtiers are even considering relinquishing the Duke and Duchess’ titles from Harry and Meghan, which would leave them sans-title. They would not be legally allowed to use the Sussex titles in any capacity, but ultimately it is up to the Queen, who seems to be holding her horses at the moment.

Nevertheless, the show is still going on, move over the Osbournes, or the Kardashians, the Sussexes are in the house to show off their virtue signalling charity work and their idyllic lifestyle warts and all. No doubt most of the reality show will focus solely on Meghan Markle, and Harry might get a little cameo here or there.

Reality shows are the lowest form of TV, and it seems Harry and Meghan have finally found their niche – banal bad taste mediocrity.