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Evidence Reveals US Representative Ilhan Omar Mass Voter Fraud

MINNESOTA - USA - Ilhan Omar has been implicated in a vast voter fraud scheme that utilised Ballot Harvesting to pervert the electoral system to benefit her election as congresswoman.


Somali representative, Ilhan Omar has been caught in a sting by Project Veritas (video above) who have revealed conclusive evidence of mass organised voter fraud directly linked to Ilhan Omar and her team. She was thus elected in August 2020 for Minnesota utilising illegal methods of ballot harvesting absentee votes.

Watching the video is proof of illegal methods used to gain votes for the Somali congresswoman who is affectionately called a member of ‘the squad’, a radical left wing group of women in the Democrat party.

Ballot Harvesting

The same methods of vote harvesting are allegedly being used by other Democrats across the country, harvesting voter forms from thousands.

This means, American election results can no longer be trusted, and with proof of mass ballot harvesting there is actual bona fide evidence of vote rigging occurring on a mass scale which can swing an election illegally.

52 USC 10307: Prohibited acts

It is mostly the Democrat states that allow this practice to continue unabated and unregulated.

Will Ilhan Omar and her team be investigated for massive voter fraud? It is highly doubtful that any action will be taken despite the conclusive evidence revealed by the Veritas undercover operation. The main reason that no investigation will occur is because Omar will be given full protection by Minnesota state legislators, and as it is a Democrat run state, they will not want their representative to be prosecuted for committing massive voter fraud.

Corruption is rife in American politics it seems, and the electoral system in America has been reduced to the level of a tinpot banana republic.

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