Keeping Up With the Sussexes – Netflix Series Coming in December

LOS ANGELES - USA - Netflix has announced the 'Keeping Up With the Sussexes' series will be aired in December.

harry-meghan-and-archie-keeping up with the sussexes

As the horrible Keeping Up With the Kardashians series is finally canned, a new horror awakens from the bowels of Netflix – Keeping Up With the Sussexes.

Just as the sun seemed to be shining again and the vile Kardashian slime was seeming to have subsided, there is a newer even worse offering coming to our screens, this time involving freeloaders Harry, Meghan and poor old Archie.

“No doubt the Netflix executives have ordered the Sussexes to bring out the sprog for maximum effect, and are already training the kid to do circus tricks,” one ex-Netflix subscriber said disparagingly.

Selling the Sussex royal title for profit has been easy for Harry and Meghan who want nothing to do with the royal family apart from the title to profit from.

“It has cheapened the Sussex royal title to a brand much like the shister Kardashians. Sussex is now viewed next to any other cheap brand on the telly and no doubt the merchandising will be profitable as well. Meanwhile, back in Blighty, the Windsors can only look on in horror as the royal name is dragged through the dustbin of inequity,” a royal commentator revealed.

Selling banal venal entertainment to Americans is easy because many of them have no standards, however in Europe, things may be different, especially in Britain where some people at least can recognise utter self-serving ‘woke’ bullshit when they see it.

One can only hope the Sussexes have their title removed forthwith, however this seems unlikely as the Queen seems to have gone all soft in her old age. If it was up to the Duke of Edinburgh, Harry and Meghan would have been given the boot with no title, no pay offs and no goodbyes.