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WW3: Is China Preparing for War Rapid Stockpiling Raw Materials?

BEIJING - China - China could well be preparing for war as it is stockpiling materials and commodities at a rapid rate in secrecy.

The Communist Chinese war machine is taking shape preparing for war as the sabre rattling continues in the South China Sea. Masses of raw materials and commodities are being stockpiled by the expansionist Chinese communist regime with great urgency as Japan and India join a pact with each other in preparation of the coming war.

Russian and Chinese hackers have been attacking both the Biden and Trump campaigns, and numerous Chinese agents stealing military information from University research facilities have eluded arrest from the FBI. Chinese operatives have been stealing American technical secrets to the Chinese military for years under the auspices of Obama, but it is only now that the US authorities are cracking down.

Xi Jinping 2035 Manifesto

“No country or individual can stop the historical pace of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,” Xi Jinping, Supreme Soviet Communist, states repeatedly.

Tensions have also risen in Taiwan due to Chinese aggression, and it is this geographical point that will be the first port of call for Chinese generals. Taiwan would be declared a Chinese victory in less than a week, from there the CCP would eye Australia and New Zealand because of its oil resources and strategic value in global hegemony. Once Australasia is conquered, China is planning on the bigger tasks of India and Japan, which will be fought on two fronts simultaneously possibly utilising low yield nuclear armaments to neutralise strategic military targets as well as neutralising satellites from space.

It is a certainty that China is allied militarily with Russia, and this is why any sudden moves can be very dangerous for NATO and Western allies during the coming conflict.

One has to understand that as certain finite global resources are being depleted, there has to be at some point a push by one territorial nation to gain the last remaining resources as a point of survival, and that nation is China, a land mass with a population of over 1.4 billion people growing daily. Unfortunately, the Wuhan virus did not spread across most of China, and made minimal impact on their population. Instead, the Chinese spread the virus around the globe as a little taster of what is to come. Who is to say they are not going to shy from releasing more deadly pathogens into Europe and America?

The global Covid-19 pandemic could well be a CCP plan to whittle down other nations economically and cause maximum death before they bring out the big guns to clean up à la Red Dawn.


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