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China CCP Preparing Globe For Their Population to Move In

BEIJING - China - The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is utilising the COVID-19 pandemic crisis to increase its global hold over every nation.


You may be living in a grand mansion, or council estate flat, and think you are safe right now, sure, nothing can happen any time soon, everything is hunky dory.

The reality is very different, there is a threat now looming over the whole globe and it is the sinister expansionist dreams of the Chinese Communist Party, and the billions of Chinese people who need a new home.

Paris, London, New York, Rome, pretty much any major city in the world may one day be populated by only Chinese people. This is the ultimate plan for Beijing, to leave their polluted land behind, and to enjoy a new life over the bones of the previous occupants.

The CCP is now slowly unveiling, The Great Leap Forward II, which will involve Maoist Marxism engulfing everything, every news story, every magazine article, every film, every TV program. Hong Kong is now lost, how long before India, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand capitulate to the great Red Army?


Once Australasia and South East Asia are under CCP rule, it will not be long before there is a further move West, and the ultimate prize of Europe and United States are conquered. Much of the Middle East and Africa will be easy pickings for the Red Army.

The Chinese Coronavirus will eventually infect much of the global population and millions more will die, devastating economies nationally and globally. This was the plan all along. The Chinese have a population of billions, and now it is a numbers game. For China to lose 300-500 million people will barely dent its operational value, however consider countries like Sweden who only have a population of 10.23 million (2020), they will be erased without a thought by the Chinese, who will salivate at the thought of moving in to Stockholm without a single shot being fired. Even America, a nation of 360 million, could easily be completely depopulated by the Chinese Virus.

Whether the COVID-19 was engineered, or given a little human help for mutation, or is completely natural is not the focus, the focus should be on exploitation of the virus for military reasons of expansion. China’s Imperialistic aspirations are all too clear with recent skirmishes in India, and the South China Sea.

The threat of Chinese infiltration in the West is very real, and if nothing is done about this sinister technique of utilising Chinese economic strength and networking to gain ground for the CCP, as well as the very real military threat of Chinese Imperialism, then we are all fucked.

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