At the moment, the core business revenue stream for Big Tech monopoly companies like (FAGT) Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter, is selling the user data of Western users to China. Advertising revenue is only a minor income stream, but advertising is also tied in with selling user data to China in a lesser capacity.

You may wonder why Big Tech companies are censoring so much pro-American,  conservative,  anti-communist, anti-China stuff? They’re just protecting their major client, and ideological partner China, so don’t take it too personally.

The problem for these companies who have been selling harvested user data to America’s enemies for so long is that if war is declared soon, their treasonous operations may come under scrutiny from the U.S. military.

Under war conditions, the operations of these tech companies that profit off mass user data sales would be halted by the military, and many of the Big Tech staff involved in treason arrested.

Already, China is flexing its military might in the South China Sea, and is planning major assaults on Taiwan, and their avowed enemy, Japan. Once they sweep through the nearby island nations they will descend on Australia and New Zealand.

China has acquired such a surplus of user data from all Western nations thanks to the Big Tech companies, that it has formulated intricate plans to attack the West in the most clinical, effective manner, utilising each nation’s weak points, much like pressure points on a human body.

The Wuhan Virus and its economic effects have already damaged the West, and this was the first wave of Chinese attack. The Chinese communists, through the sale of data know the weaknesses of each nation in the West, and this is how they are utilising the racial disparity of America in a clinical, well planned operation, manipulating the young Marxist movement of the BLM, and ANTIFA, to start a mini Maoist Cultural Revolution to further destabilise America and the current government, ideologically, economically and culturally.

Once America is destabilised to a point of collapse, then China will walk in, and be greeted by the revolutionary American communists, the BLM, ANTIFA, as well as the Obamamites…unless…these treasonous anti-American elements are neutralised before they do more damage from within.