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Mi Notebook Pro 15 (2020) Released

BEIJING - China - The release of the Mi Notebook Pro 15 will enable you to open many applications and increase your online presence.

Mi Notebook Pro 15 (2020) has been released in China. The Mi Notebook Pro 15 (2020) is powered by the 10th generation Intel Core Processor.

It is also powered by Nvidia GeForce MX350 GPU. The Mi laptop has two configurations, 60WHr battery, and twon2.5W speakers.

Also, the slim laptop has a 15-inch screen that can be found in both configurations. It has a number of pots despite the fact that it is a slim laptop.


The two configurations of Mi Notebook Pro 15 (2020) are;-

  • Intel 10th gen Core i5/8GB RAM/512GB storage
  • Intel 10th gen Core i7 16GB RAM/1TB storage

The Intel 10th gen Core i5 which is compatible with online slots for real money, and is priced at CNY5999 and the Intel 10th gen Core i7 is priced at CNY6999.

Both the laptops come in silver, and they are available at major retail outlets in China.


It has a pre-installed Windows 10, it also supports a 15-inch full HD display with 81,5 percent screen to body ratio. The laptop has up to 16 GB RAM and up to 1 TB SSD storage.

This machine does not disappoint when it comes to connectivity, it has dual band Wi-Fi 6. It also comes with Bluetooth v5.0, it has USB two Type-A pots, an HDMI port, two Type c ports, an SD card slot as well as a 3.5 mm headphone. If you are a fan of audio then this is your type of laptop, this laptop has two 2.5W speakers with Dolby Audio Premium.

In terms of dimensions, the laptop measures 243.6X360.7X16.9 mm and it weighs 2 kg. It is perfect if you do not like carrying heavy things around.

The Mi Notebook Pro 15 (2020) is a perfect laptop for those doing business. It is also perfect for students and for gamblers as well, you will enjoy real money online casinos USA games that comes in HD on this laptop.

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