Colosseum Black Lives Matter
The Colosseum, Ancient Roman masterpiece

Ancient civilisations like Egyptian, Roman and Greek are next on the list of erasures by Black Lives Matter because they used slaves.

Speaking at the London, BLM protest today, activist Joanna Melchum, said:

“We demand the modern Italians demolish the Colosseum and the Egyptians demolish the pyramids, and the Greeks demolish the Parthenon. These are all symbols of slavery of black people who built those monuments, because in ancient times, negro slaves were looked upon as cattle. We also demand that all history books depicting these slave cultures be destroyed and schools taught about African civilisations instead.”

Sphinx and the Great pyramid Black Lives Matter
Sphinx and the Great pyramid in Egypt, Giza

To great cheers from the assembled protesters, many shouted that the word for black in the Latin language is racist, and that Latin should be banned.

“We need to teach children and students about the amazing achievements of African civilisations and inventions throughout history, and not the white slave owning cultures like Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt.

The Black Lives Matter protesters descended on Central London today, but to their disappointment could not desecrate any more historical statues due to the large police presence.

There are as yet no plans to demolish the pyramids, Colosseum or Parthenon from the respective governments in Italy, Greece and Egypt.