Betrayed and reported by her own creations including Harry Potter, Hermione and the ginger one, there were no goodbyes, as the Ministry of Transgender Wizards sent Rowling to Camp Transwarts indefinitely until she can spout the same shit the others have learned to spout.

Camp Transwarts is a prison re-education camp that Pol Pot would be proud of, where prisoners are brainwashed into believing the soviet style mantras they are forced to repeat in unison day after day.

“Repeat after me, this is a woman (pointing to a picture of a person with a large Adam’s Apple, vast square cheekbones, a moustache, large breasts, and a huge penis replete with a hairy scrotum)…and this is a man (pointing to a picture of a person with huge hips, a moustache, large breasts and a menstruating vagina with a fake penis dangling over it).”

Unfortunately for Rowling, no magic or spells are allowed in the re-education camp, because they could be used to escape, or even worse, misgender someone.

To date, no one has ever managed to escape Camp Transwarts, but one prisoner got as far as the Forbidden Trannie Forest, where they were later found with no cock or balls and a look of abject fright etched all over their face.

Something to do with the Foggarts, a strange shapeshifting sort of creature non-being that takes on the form of its intended victim’s worst fear.