Scientists: Coronavirus Stays Airborne For Over an Hour

LONDON - England - Scientists have finally realised that airborne particles of COVID-19 hang around the atmosphere for more than an hour.

london underground coronavirus airborne
Poorly-ventilated train and bus carriages are likely to be particularly vulnerable to airborne particles, as are lifts.

Scientists working for SAGE have finally come to a conclusion about COVID-19 that many knew months ago — that the coronavirus particles are airborne and hang around for more than an hour. The Daily Squib knew about the airborne dangers of the virus in February.

Anyone with half a brain would have realised the virus is airborne and lingers, especially within contained environments that have poor ventilation for a long period of time. Therefore, public transport, aeroplanes, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, hotel rooms, cruise ships, offices, and classrooms are an ideal environment for the airborne particles to infect humans.

poor ventilation coronavirus
Poor ventilation in underground train carriages means they are a hotspot for lingering small aerosol droplets

What does this mean for the end of the lockdown? Absolutely nothing, because the economy is now more important than human lives, and people think they’re safe wearing generic surgical masks, but those are not N95 rated, and do not protect the wearer at all from airborne coronavirus particles. Single use masks and surgical masks only filter 3 microns, whereas N95 and FFP3 filter 0.3 microns.

Anyone who goes into any enclosed space with lots of other people is playing Russian Roulette with their lives, and will soon end up with the virus.

Furthermore, irresponsible sites like Infowars, who are claiming the coronavirus is not real and is a hoax, are fucking morons. Although what they are saying is totally irresponsible, however, we still defend their right to say what they say. One can only hope that they one day realise the error of their ways, and admit their mistake, or deliberate misinformation. The sad part is many who listen to the false advice given by exploitative manipulative people like Alex Jones, and believe it, will put their lives and their family’s lives in severe danger.

Such is the nature of some people, that many in America are having ‘Covid Parties’ to prove to themselves that the coronavirus is a hoax. What this involves is a group of unbelievers all attend a room with a COVID-19 infected person, and see if anyone else gets sick.

A 30-year-old man who believed the coronavirus was a hoax and attended a “Covid party” died after being infected with the virus, according to a Texas hospital.

The man had attended a gathering with an infected person to test whether the coronavirus was real, said Dr. Jane Appleby, chief medical officer at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, where the man died.

The premise of such parties is to test whether the virus really exists or to intentionally expose people to the coronavirus in an attempt to gain immunity.

Dr. Appleby said the man had told his nurse that he attended a Covid party. Just before he died, she said the patient told his nurse: “I think I made a mistake. I thought this was a hoax, but it’s not.” SOURCE

Another COVID denier died recently after claiming he was sick of the ‘COVID hoax’.

Unfortunately, this narrative of denial is all too prevalent by many, and is proving fatal for those who do not believe what they cannot see.

The coronavirus is a pathogen that is airborne, but can only be viewed under a microscope, but it does exist.

April 28 – I’m not buying a fucking mask. I’ve made it this far by not buying into that damn hype.

May 12 – I’ve gotten sick of turning my tv on to political smear ads and shit about COVID.

July 1 – I’ve been very sick the past few days.

Symptoms of Covid-19. This morning I finally got swabbed. I should know soon what the results are. I just want to feel good again!

Well. I’m officially under quarantine for the next 14 days.

I just tested positive for COVID-19. Sucks because I had just started a new job!

July 2 – This covid shit sucks! I’m so out of breath just sitting here.

He died two days later. SOURCE