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A Japanese tour operator has caught the COVID-19 virus twice, and there have been other reports of multiple infections on individuals in China. Instead of creating immunity, the virus can reportedly reinfect an individual and hasten fatal heart failure. Even if an infected patient recovers, the virus has two phases, therefore triggers still exist in the victim’s body and can awaken again with even more deadly effect.

CHINA – 14% of patients who recovered from coronavirus infection test positive again. This means they are let go, to contaminate further.

The implications for the spread of the virus are horrific because this means the body’s immune system somehow does not create immunity to COVID-19 once recovered.

This highly contagious airborne virus is now spreading fast across the globe. Particles of COVID-19 can linger for over three hours in the air.

As of today, the virus has reached every continent in the world, and still the infected are travelling via air traffic spreading COVID-19 on a constant basis. The virus stays dormant for a period of 28 days in some individuals, and during this period it is highly contagious, even though the carrier may not show any visible symptoms.

Much of the data from China cannot be trusted and it is feared the death toll is way above the amount they have reported, as is the same now ravaging Iran.

Even if a vaccine is created in 12-18 months, this will not stop the rapid spread of the virus.

The vaccine creation would involve finding a viral sequence that would reliably cause a protective immune-system memory but not trigger an acute inflammatory response that would itself cause symptoms. Thankfully, the Israelis are on it and are getting close to a vaccine.

Global flight traffic is still now spreading the virus far and wide – RIGHT NOW.