The New Jersey man awoke from his woke nightmare yesterday evening whilst being preached at by another woke celebrity on twitter, the social network.

“Everyone I know now is a control freak woke activist, everywhere I go to on the internet I am accosted by woke preachers telling everyone how to think and what to say,” the man said from his hiding place.

According to the man, he awoke from his woke nightmare and now appreciates life a lot more.

“Before, I was told that all white people are bad, all people who do not believe in socialism or communism are fascist evil killers, and that anyone who dared to eat meat might as well eat their own children.

“It was a nightmare, everything was racist, every man was a sexist pig who needed to be castrated, and the world was either black or white, there was no grey, there was nothing but socialist labels put on every segment and element of society. I changed my mental model away from their socialist mental prison, and now accept people and things as they are.

“I am now thankfully free of the woke nightmare. I am not a cultural Marxist communist, and I do not condone theĀ ‘cancel culture’ and soviet-style censorship of shutting down free speech that is so prevalent of these so-calledĀ ‘progressive inclusive socialists’ in the West.”

Due to waking up from his woke nightmare prison, the man is now a pariah in his society and no longer has a job, has lost all his friends, and is now a complete outcast — a happy outcast.