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Actual China Covid-19 Death Toll Over 100,000 As More Mobile Incinerators Deployed

WUHAN - China - Because of the number of deaths from coronavirus Covid-19, the Communist Party is deploying a fleet of mobile incinerators to the area.

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Fifty mobile incinerators are being deployed in Coronavirus hit city Wuhan, to complement the crematoriums which have been working day and night for the past few weeks disposing of bodies.

The Chinese authorities are labelling these incinerators for use with burning livestock, however there is no need as all livestock are clear of Covid-19.

The mobile incinerators can handle up to 5 tonnes of human bodies each day and even crush the corpses before burning at 850 degrees. The efficient disposal of the virus infected bodies has been sanctioned and tested by the Chinese army in a series of trials in Golmud, Qinghai in January.

Because of the extent of deaths, and the need to immediately take care of any evidence, many of these mobile incinerators are now being deployed across all provinces in China, where they can discretely incinerate bodies quickly and efficiently before moving on to the next area. Due to their mobility they are hard to track, and can be deployed at night, then moved on in the morning with no evidence of ever being there.

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“Whole streets of people are disappearing overnight. One minute a family existed, next they are ash swept into the gutters, completely erased. The Communist Party is also ensuring that all records of the dead are deleted as well, otherwise this could impact on the low death figures, if people ever asked the question. You have to hand it to our beloved Chinese authorities, they have run this cover-up perfectly and no one in China or the West are even questioning anything about the mortality rate of the coronavirus,” Li Yung, a citizen from Wuhan revealed on Weibo before his post was deleted.

Even though the Chinese authorities are constantly downplaying the spread of the virus, experts have warned the threat remains as Chinese nationals continue to return to work following the Lunar New Year.

“Now we are going to see the real spread because millions of workers are now returning to their jobs after Lunar New Year. The factories have to keep working as is demanded by the economy of China, and this will give the virus ample time to spread further and mutate as more become infected by the deadly Covid-19 pathogen,” a scared doctor from No.9 Wuhan hospital revealed.

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