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History of the Xbox For Kids

SEATTLE - USA - The amazing history of the gaming console Xbox for kids, and adults to boot, is truly wondrous.

Xbox is by far the greatest gaming console of all time. It is with the Xbox that many today get to enjoy various games. And as great as the Xbox is, there had to be beginnings and in this article we want to take a little stroll down memory lane and see where and how the Xbox for kids started.

Xbox for Kids History

The Xbox creation was started in 1998 when four engineers from Microsoft’s Direct X team took apart some Dell laptop computers. This was to construct a prototype windows based video game server. The four engineers were Kevin Bachus, Seamus Blackley, Ted Hase and Otto Berks who was the team leader.

First Name of the Xbox

Before it was called the Xbox, it was called the DirectXbox. Like we mentioned earlier, everything has to come from something, just like how before they became online casino games also known as jeux casino argent reel in French, they were called arcade games, and all thanks to technology they have evolved beautifully.

Launch of the Xbox

The Xbox was the first video game console that was created by Microsoft. Moreover, like all things before the advancements of technology, it was very huge and bulky. It was also launched one year after the PlayStation 2. This was at the same time with the Nintendo GameCube.

Regardless of the fact that it was launched a year after the PlayStation, the Xbox has managed to overtake the PlayStation as well other gaming consoles. This shows how great the strides are in technology that Microsoft has taken throughout the years.

This being from the time that the idea of creating the DirectXbox was hatched to the time that they created the first Xbox. And with each passing year Xbox gets better and better and the games too have since changed and evolved from the time that they were first created.

Just like online casinos, the games offered at casinos compared to early 2000s have changed and now software providers are coming up with innovative ways to keep up with the thrill of each game.


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