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ANTIFA BLM Marxist Communists supported by Democrat Party march

The Mistress of Harry Potter, J.K Rowling’s spat with the bullying transgender mob is another indication that the Cancel Culture of irrelevant outrage that is ruining Western democratic society and many people’s livelihoods is now engulfing socialists themselves, and they are now ruing the day they started this soviet exercise in mass censorship.

We even have an open letter signed by 100 odd socialist authors including luminaries like Salman Rushdie, Noam Chomsky decrying the Cancel Culture nightmare sweeping the internet and real world.

In all extreme movements like communism, and fascism, there is always a cycle when they run out of people to whack, so they start whacking each other. You can see this sort of stuff in Jihadist extreme Islamic movements, as they eventually start beheading their own kind, such is their compulsion to always be active in their pointless movement.

As Stalin started to knock off prominent communists and anyone who even breathed around him who he saw as a threat, so too are the Cancel Culture Bolsheviks now going around, strutting apes in a socialist bubble, fucking over their own socialist comrades in arms.

Imploding from within are the traits of these extremist groups, and it comes with a gracious welcome from everyone observing from the outside of this Marxist movement to derail freedom of speech and expression. We welcome their destruction, and sincerely hope they completely eviscerate themselves from the inside with their ridiculous assertions of being right, and the omnipotent voice of everything.

We also witnessed the utopian Anarcho-Communist dream of CHAZ/CHOP falter for pretty much the same reason, these morons couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, they were deluded little brats who thought they were having a revolution, but eventually started shooting and raping their own kind from within their autonomous zone. Running off to mummy was the only solution after that was unceremoniously shut down, and now they’re back in their momma’s basement holding their head in their hands and sobbing in their safe space.

In essence, anyone who loves freedom, should welcome these vile shisters all turning on each other, and if Trump wins by some miracle against the mollycoddled Alzheimer patient, Biden in November, the socialist Marxists will get even worse, and the in-fighting will escalate until their thankful complete destruction. To watch that sight will be a beautiful melodramatic piece of entertainment, maybe they can sell it on pay-per-view or stream it for free 24/7 on the internets.

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