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Duchy of Cornwall Garlic Proves Too Strong For Asda Man

GRIMSBY - England - Prince Charles caused a man to faint today whilst visiting an Asda store.


Whilst visiting an Asda store, Prince Charles inadvertently breathed on one of the employees who he was questioning, causing the man to faint.

“One had just dined on some Duchy of Cornwall garlic prior to attending the store. One must remember to brush one’s teeth before these dastardly things happen. All it took was one huff and the man was down for the count. Poor bugger,” Prince Charles noted after the incident.

Meanwhile, the SAS and British MI6 secret agents have contacted Prince Charles’ company, the Duchy of Cornwall, to gain access to the garlicky secret weapons which could prove very valuable in the field.

How Camilla copes with this sort of thing is beyond comprehension, but she has a constitution of a horse, and looks like one too.

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