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Cancel Culture Cancels Itself With Cancellation

LONDON - England - Has Cancel Culture cancelled itself out with its own extremist totalitarian cancellation scheme of erasure?

With the likes of socialist darlings Ellen Degenerates and J.K. Rowling falling foul of their own socialist doctrines of extreme censorship, i.e. Cancel Culture, one would think it would be the final nail in the coffin of this nefarious communistic authoritarian pestilence on modern society?

“Cancel Culture may at some times eat its own but it always has an ugly way of rearing its monstrous head when least wanted. You wait and see…when the commie board of Cancel Culture directors find a good enough conservative or libertarian candidate who has engendered enough socialist outrage — it will be back, much like an unwanted case of the clap!” one social commentator revealed from the shadows.

The only reason that Cancel Culture is being cancelled is because they are surreptitiously targeting their own kind of political beasts — Marxists, and this is dangerous, so shush, they must quietly retire Cancel Culture for a few months.

“We see the same phenomenon amongst many extremist groups, when they run out of other people to persecute, they start persecuting each other, eating each other from the inside until there is an eventual implosion,” another observer added.

It’s the same concept with money and socialists. It’s okay to spend, spend, other people’s money, but when the money runs out — Venezuela.

Socialism, the pure communistic kind, is therefore not sustainable in the long term, and we can see this from American Democrat run cities, which are essentially drug and crime ridden shit holes. Britain however has a form of socialism, with the NHS, which is just about sustainable, however it comes with the caveat of high taxes to fund the enormous organisation. Countries like Sweden which are staunchly socialist have 90% taxes on income to fund their ‘socialist heaven’ however if you are a worker, it is more like a hell.

The only people who benefit from socialism are the people at the top of the socialist party, and the sub-classes at the bottom of the pyramid who have nothing.

There is one group, however, who are completely immune to any form of cancellation of Cancel Culture, and that is the Big Tech social media companies that are above any laws, or government. They can make up any laws they want regarding cancellation and fuck over anyone they want to without repercussions.



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