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Hillary Clinton Ate the Fly Off Mike Pence’s Head

UTAH - USA - The fly that landed on Mike Pence's head during the VP debate ended up in Hillary Clinton's stomach, according to witnesses at the venue.

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Many have had suspicions about Hillary Clinton, is she really of this world, does she have human emotions, and is she a shapeshifting reptilian from Alpha Centauri masquerading as a human on earth?

Hillary did attend the Vice President Debate with Mike Pence and Kamala Harris at the University of Utah the other night, but what we are going to tell you may seem unbelievable.

One studio witness is receiving counselling after what he saw on that fateful night.

“Hillary was in the wings supporting Kamala during the VP debate when a fucking fly landed on Mike Pence’s perfectly coiffured white hair. At first, we started giggling like little kids as we watched the fly just sit on Pence’s head as he spoke for two minutes, but then I saw a change in Hillary Clinton that has changed my whole perspective on reality. Her nostrils flared up, and she started to sniff the air snorting wildly.

“Mrs. Clinton now had a wild look in her eyes, that at moments looked like the pupils were slits, you know like a reptile, but I figured it was just the studio lights playing with her eyes. She opened her mouth slowly revealing a very long raspy tongue, which darted out at such speed it was not visible to the human eye.

“The Mike Pence fly was toast after that. I looked back in horror to see a look of extreme pleasure on Hillary’s face as she crunched down on the fly. Some fly guts seeped out onto her lower lip. She licked up the dregs rolling her eyes in ecstasy burping loudly. That’s when I left the stage wing area in a hurry but could not hold my vomit. I projectile vomited over a CNN reporter, his open mouth receiving large chunks of partially fermented pork stew I had eaten for supper.”

Suffice to say, the fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head during the discussion ended up being consumed by Hillary Clinton. The fly did not land on Pence’s head though without leaving something behind, a load of fly eggs, before having its time cut short so suddenly by being snatched up on Hillary’s tongue.

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