Think Tank: Military Lockdown Could Eradicate Virus in Month

LONDON - England - The Population Think Tank claims that the Covid-19 virus could be eradicated with a proper lockdown from Britain in a single month.

British Army Lockdown compulsory military conscription

The UK could eradicate Covid-19 virus completely from Britain in a single month, but only if a proper lockdown is put into place, and not a laissez-faire, wishy-washy one.

To completely cleanse Britain of Covid-19, all ports of entry, air/sea/rail would have to be shut down completely for a month only allowing essential freight.

All households would be under lockdown with army patrols in the streets enforcing the shutdown and supplying the vulnerable. Anyone leaving their home unless sanctioned, and wearing a mask, would be taken to offshore holding ships and detained for the whole month.

All schools, educational institutions, would be shut down for the entire month. All businesses, apart from food delivery, medical, or transport delivery would be shut down for the month. All public transport in Britain would be shut down for a month.

Any illegal migrants crossing the Channel in dinghies would be detained immediately and taken to the same offshore prison ships indefinitely.

The short sharp strict approach would eradicate the virus in a single month from the entire Island. It would also be less costly for the government, and the taxpayer.

There would be an interim period after a month’s lockdown of two weeks, where a tiered approach would be utilised to re-open businesses, and schools etc. During this period all ports of entry into the UK would still be closed apart from essential supply freight.

This strict fast militarized approach would work to eradicate the virus completely from Britain, however, as soon as International travel and the ports are re-opened to human traffic, it is inevitable that the virus will once again spread in the UK from other infected areas of the globe.

Every human within the British Isles would have to be tested for the virus at some point during the lockdown.

This plan could also be introduced globally for a month, subject to getting governments to comply, however this is highly unlikely to happen because there is no global unity and no one world governmental system of control yet.

The plan would only eradicate the virus from the UK for a single month because it is inevitable that once ports re-open for humans, they will bring in the virus, and the cycle will start all over again. It is inconceivable that the current UK government would close all ports for more than a month or even a month, therefore the plan would only work with a government that is wakened to the seriousness of the situation in a military sense. The world is being attacked by the Chinese Virus constantly indefinitely.