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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Has Boris Been Dealt Cards that Doom Him to Lose?

LONDON - England - Boris Johnson wanted to be Prime Minister, but having been dealt the terrible cards he has, is he regretting his premiership now?

Lockdown End: Swarms Back on the Streets

LONDON - England - The swarms of people are back on the streets, and the traffic jams are back pumping poison back into the atmosphere. Coronavirus for many has now ended.

People Must Start Preparing For Second Wave Coronavirus NOW

LONDON - England - As people celebrate the end of the lockdown, and go to the beaches, no one is preparing for the second wave of the coronavirus.

In a Globalised World It Does Not Matter if Your Country...

LONDON - England - Globalism means that the Chinese Virus will continue to ravage the world during the pandemic lockdown.

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