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Beergate: Karma is a Bitch For Sir Beer Starmer

LONDON - England - Hypocritical Labour leader, Keir Starmer is now embroiled in his own Beergate scandal as he flouted lockdown rules.

China Safari Tours Are Now Open For Hunting Season

SHANGHAI - China - Safari tours are now seen as a great sport and a lucrative business for the tourism industry.

How to Create Unrest: Give People Everything Then Take it All...

SHANGHAI - China - It's easy to create unrest in a population. Simply take away all their freedom.

Experts: Now is Not the Time to Change PM Over a...

LONDON - England - Should we vilify hard-working politicians who dare to have a glass of wine during their 20-hour working days?

There Was No Christmas Party at Number 10, Just a Tory...

LONDON - England - The Tory party has emphatically denied there was a Christmas party at last year's Tory party.

What Did We Learn From Lockdowns?

LONDON - England - For some, the lockdowns were a glorious time, for others they were a nightmare. Did we learn anything?

THIRD WAVE: Sunshine and Alcohol Fuelled Delight For the New Covid...

England - As everything opens up again after lockdown, the Third Wave of the virus is already gaining traction.

End of Lockdown is the Refuelling Time For Virus

LONDON - England - The end of lockdown is a crucially necessary time for the virus to refuel and infect more people once again.

Think Tank: Military Lockdown Could Eradicate Virus in Month

LONDON - England - The Population Think Tank claims that the Covid-19 virus could be eradicated with a proper lockdown from Britain in a single month.

Six Months of Another Laissez Faire Semi Lockdown

LONDON - England - The Prime Minister has declared another six months of semi lockdown restrictions to supposedly curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

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