End of Lockdown is the Refuelling Time For Virus

LONDON - England - The end of lockdown is a crucially necessary time for the virus to refuel and infect more people once again.

virus enjoys end of lockdown party


The Covid-19 virus and its many mutations detest lockdowns, simply because a lockdown reduces its ability to spread, not that we have ever had a proper lockdown in the UK. When these laissez-faire lockdowns end however is the time when the virus sighs in relief, because humans are its oxygen, its sustenance, and once they start their mass footfall again, it is only a matter of time before the virus gets to eat once more.

End of Lockdown Feeding Frenzy

The virus prefers big meals with multiple humans massing together, and it particularly loves the end of lockdowns because that’s when stupid humans think everything is back to normal again.

After a lockdown, there is a frenzy of human movement, simply because many have been locked down for a certain amount of time. This frenzy of human activity is the catalyst that the virus waits for to refuel on humans, and from there the steady spread of the virus continues until the next lockdown.

There is always a steady build up of infected humans after a lockdown ends, and the result is not immediate, it will take approximately two to three months after a lockdown ends for the next resultant wave to encroach upon the human population. For example, in September 2020, schools were once again opened, thus leading up to the next wave in December. The footfall presented by schools opening is a necessary function for the virus to spread, because children are the best asymptomatic carriers of the virus. Through crowded classrooms, children go home, they use public transport, and they go to the shops, or wherever, they infect their parents, their grandparents and any other adult in the vicinity. The Covid19 virus and its multiple mutations need the young to spread their pathogen to the old and vulnerable, so they can be infected and die.

deaths covid19 schools opening
UK Daily Deaths attributed to COVID-19, 2020-2021

The Covid-19 is a very efficient virus that has evolved to spread unseen utilising superspreaders in the young to transfer without any visible symptoms to the old and infirm. In fact one could say this is a very Darwinian virus, where the weak die and the strong survive, although there are genetic nuances that can affect even the visibly fit, therefore it is not a clear-cut defining theory.

Vaccinating people against one strain of virus is moot, simply because of all the other strains, and mutations that keep developing. Add into the mix, international travel, and ports of entry from the Continent, and the virus will continue its infection rate regardless of vaccination.

In terms of prepping, when you hear the bugle for lockdown end, and everyone flows into the streets again, they will be the ones getting infected, but it will be the preppers time to restock and plan ahead for the next wave of mass infection.

Over time, and multiple waves of infection, the government may realise what some already know, however this is very doubtful. As for the masses, they are mainly a lost cause, brainwashed to such a consumerist extent they have no control over themselves. It is best for them to be left to their delusional indoctrination as any attempt to educate most of them would fall on deaf ears.

For most, now is the time to rejoice and party, for the few, now is the time to prepare for the next wave.

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