ALERT: E484K Strain Covid Mutations Evade Immune System

LONDON - England - The extremely contagious Kent Covid strain has acquired the E484K mutation which bypasses the human immune system.

Nasal Infection covid19 virus

New mutations have been detected in the Kent coronavirus variant (N501) by PHE (Public Health England). Professor Malcolm Calum Semple, a government advisor, has reported that the Kent virus mutation has now developed the B.1.351 South African strain E484K attribute which allows the virus to successfully bypass the human immune system thus rendering the current available vaccines redundant.

Covid-19 variant emerging from South Africa, named B.1.351, contains traits similar to the strain first reported in the U.K., known as  N501 — making the South African variant as viral as its British predecessor. But the South African strain contains another mutation, named E484K, which bypasses the human immune system.

The E484K mutation has changed the shape of Covid-19’s spike protein, which the virus uses to attach to and infect human cells. The E484K mutation, researchers believe, makes it harder for some antibodies to neutralize the virus.

Not only is the Kent variant N501 extremely contagious, but now it has developed the E484K mutation adding to its abilities to cause further death amongst the population, whether vaccinated or not.

“The fact this mutation called E484K has now been picked up in some samples of the Kent variant would be a twist, a worrying development.

“It potentially means that people who have had the infection before might be re-infected and also that it might reduce the effectiveness of the Covid vaccines.

“Not knock them out completely, certainly tests done so far suggest the vaccines would still protect against serious infection and death, but perhaps they wouldn’t stop the virus from spreading,” Sky News correspondent Thomas Moore was quoted saying today.

If the government opens schools in March as they are proposing, there will be many more deaths and the cycle will continue.

The government also has to implement a strict 14-day period of lockdown for all International arrivals in the UK, also applying this to ports.

Those who have been vaccinated will have some resistance to the original Covid strain, however the new strains with the E484K mutation will bypass the vaccine ‘protection’ as well as the human immune system altogether.

Covid can be transmitted through the membrane of the eyes, therefore people who just wear masks are still very exposed. Furthermore, Covid can be transmitted through bodily fluids, sexual contact, as well as through surfaces touched. Drinking any form of alcohol after vaccination reduces its efficacy, although this does not matter any more with the new variant.