COVID-19 Cases Increasing Exponentially as Businesses and Schools Re-Open

LONDON - England - COVID-19 virus cases will increase at an exponential level once schools and businesses re-open.

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Young people spread the COVID-19 virus far and wide, and will infect those in their own households who are weaker or have underlying conditions causing mass death for many.

respiratory outbreaksIn Britain when the schools  and businesses open, it may take a few weeks or months for the full damage to be viewed within the statistics, but there will be a huge exponential increase in the spread of the virus. This will occur because it is almost impossible to have social distancing in schools or offices, especially with an airborne virus that proliferates through speech/breath and through surfaces.

Furthermore, many Secondary school children in the UK are forced to use buses and public transport to get to school and back. Transmission on crowded buses that are rarely sterilized or cleaned, as well as being in a confined space where many will not wear proper masks will increase the spread of the COVID-19.

Many households have adults who have underlying health conditions whether they know it or not, and their children will pass the virus onto them, resulting in many deaths.

Millions of tourists have been given the green light to travel for their summer holidays abroad, and no doubt will spread the coronavirus once they get back to Britain.

In September, the temperature will cool substantially, and this is when the COVID-19 pathogen will increase with a vengeance, but the majority of the second wave will occur from the months of November to March.

The supposed lockdown was very lax, and the virus was allowed to spread far and wide, but it will increase in voracity in September when the schools are forced to open, and parents forced by law to send their children into the viral soup of crowded classrooms, and public transport.

In America, there is already a vast rise in cases, and deaths, as hospitals are now struggling to cope in many states as businesses are re-opened, as well as schools.

Because the UK has a population that is far more tightly packed, space wise, there will be an even deeper, increased spread of the virus.