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BLM Campaign Failure: Are Black People More Hated Now Than Before Riots?

LONDON - England - The BLM and ANTIFA Marxist riots may have damaged relations between blacks and whites irreparably. Could this be part of the greater plan?


Black Lives Matter and their extremist politically charged campaign may have backfired totally, as black people are now more hated and despised than before their nefarious BLM scorched earth campaign.

The amount of fear that black people now generate as well as hatred is encompassed in a political campaign that sought to completely derail Western capitalism, law and order and install Marxist principles aligned with communist political ideology.

“Black people in the West are now more despised than any other minority group, and there has been an increased polarisation of black people, unfortunately, many of African descent are not aligned with BLM Marxism but are now tarred with the same brush,” an observer of the group revealed on Friday.

There has also been an increase of the phenomenon of ‘White Flight’ where those of European descent are fleeing American and British cities blighted by riots, anarchy and socialist politicians who virtue signal and kowtow to BLM agitators/Marxist revolutionaries.

As mentioned before, the hierarchy of BLM are not only funded and advised by Chinese Communist operators within the United States, as a form of destabilisation, but their ultimate goal is to lay the seeds of Marxism and Maoism within the U.S. as a precursor to possible invasion by China in the future. Infiltration of Chinese operatives also extends to the U.K. with many prominent socialist politicians being paid off by the CCP, to influence British politics for the benefit of China’s power grab within business.

China knows that there is an element of racism in the West, and it has used these groups like BLM and ANTIFA as a tool for destabilisation. First they find the weakness of the West, then they exploit that weakness for their own good. The Chinese controllers and propaganda experts want the American people to hate their own heritage, to topple statues, and to form a Cultural Revolution with mass censorship and banning of American patriotic people. Americans are made to feel bad about what they are, and this is a successful outcome for the CCP.

The consumerist brands, and businesses who are backing groups like BLM and ANTIFA, are not doing this out of ideological necessity, but they have huge market shares in China, and through greed, they fall into line with the communists. The Chinese market for these brands is so huge, that it would cause a serious dent in their market share if they went against their Chinese masters in any way.

The first wave of attack was the China Virus, which not only killed off many Western civilians, but destabilised the Western economy to a point of near collapse. The second wave of attack, orchestrated by China, and communist financiers, was the BLM riots and looting, as well as occupation of zones within U.S. cities.

The Third Wave of attack will possibly be a second wave of virus from China, which will completely decimate the U.S. workforce and cripple the economy, creating a Great Depression and further internal social unrest.

The major plan by the CCP and Chinese military is to eventually land their forces via air and sea on American and European soil, to eviscerate the land of its population, then to re-inhabit the land with Chinese nationals. China’s land is polluted, and the population is so large, they are effectively running out of space. To survive, China has to expand their land base, and the West is the ideal spot chosen by the Chinese hierarchy within the Communist Party.

The Big Tech monopoly companies have already aligned their positions, and their censorship policies with the Chinese Communist Party, as have groups like BLM, and ANTIFA, who are preparing the ground for a future invasion. These useful-idiots will be summarily erased once the Chinese come in, and they have outdone their usefulness. It is the policy of Communist insurgents to kill off those that help them achieve power, because they know full well that those elements could become a threat in the future. This is why, groups like BLM and ANTIFA, and their supporters will be murdered in cold blood once they have completed their jobs. The same applies to the Western Big Tech companies, which will be dissolved and their employees unceremoniously erased.

Either Western leaders wake up, and completely dissolve groups like BLM and ANTIFA, designating them as internal terrorist groups, and rein in the power of Big Tech conglomerates, then the final days of Western hegemony will be over, as China sweeps in.

The first assaults could be simultaneously taking parts of India, then Taiwan, sweeping through to Australia and New Zealand. Hong Kong has already fallen. Once the Chinese army take over these areas, they will speed on to Europe and America, landing their forces much like in the 1984 film Red Dawn.

Citizens who are captured will be put into Chinese camps for re-education in Maoism and communism. Much like what the Chinese are doing to the Uighur people in China, many will be forced to learn Chinese, and brainwashed, as well as the women forced to be sterilized.

Those who do not comply, will simply be neutralised, and the incinerators will work day and night until communist order is achieved.

At the end of all of this, the poor black people will realise how much they have been played, manipulated, and for what? Nothing. Once their usefulness has come and gone, this hated element of humanity will join those in the Chinese incinerators.

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