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ANALYSIS: Was Prince Harry Making a Statement in Latest Address?

MONTECITO - USA - Prince Harry made a new appearance wearing military medals on his civilian suit, but royal fans were not impressed.

Yes, Prince Harry was a gunner on an Apache helicopter in Afghanistan for 6 weeks, and he served his country briefly, but royal fans have been questioning his ‘ludicrous’ display of medals for his brief stint in the military in his latest video address.


Royal fans were up in arms when they saw a blurred, wonky amateur video of the prince on his porch in Montecito wearing medals all over a cheap looking civilian suit.

One Twitter X user commented: “What a moron! Prince Harry looks like he is going to fall over from the weight of all the medals he never earned”

Another X user revealed: “He looks like a prize ninny! Who’s he trying to fool?”

However, others defended the duke, with one user Laquisha46 commenting: “Harry is wearing his medals proudly, which our African princess Meghan probably purchased for him in a flea market in Santa Monica. Leave them alone, you bunch of bullies. Love you Meghan.”

The consensus was of ridicule for the wayward prince who has admitted to heavy use of class-A drugs like cocaine, mushrooms, meth and marijuana, allegedly including when he served.

Expert analysis

Royal expert and body language expert Arbuthnot Bollsaque commented on the BBC that “Harry is showing defiance for being stripped of his right to wear a military uniform by displaying the plethora of medals all over his cheap looking suit”.

Harry was stripped of his honorary military titles by late Queen Elizabeth II after he stepped down from royal life in 2020 and moved to California with Meghan Markle.

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  1. Ukraine is developing a “drowning not waving” problem. It is struggling to say clearly how badly the war is going.

    Giving a candid public assessment of how poorly a conflict is going can be an unwise move as it can result in morale and support draining. After Obama boosted troops in Afghanistan, public support declined over the years, in part because of a lack of realism about how the war was going.

    Ukraine’s acutely bad presentation of its troubles is mostly due to the myopia of its allies.

    The lack of understanding in parts of US Congress is breathtaking. A congressman this week suggested Ukraine should name a finite price tag and a specific, simple goal. It’s staggering after two American wars of choice in two decades, costing trillions of dollars, that congressional memories are so short, and comprehension so limited.

    Instead, Kyiv consistently points to past successes and future goals. They have reclaimed about half the territory Russia took last year; they have damaged its Black Sea presence strategically. They have a plan for 2024, Zelensky said, but it is secret.

    Yet in truth, the most useful headline for Kyiv should be how unutterably bleak the frontlines are for them now. In nearly every direction, the news is grim. Russian forces are hiving off parts of the eastern city of Avdiivka, yet another town Moscow seems content to throw thousands of lives at despite its minimal importance. Along the Zaporizhzhia frontline, where the counteroffensive was focused but ultimately slow and unrewarding, Russian units have come back with renewed vigor and the defense is costly for Ukraine. Ukraine has made a plucky (or foolhardy) dash across the Dnipro River, with some small progress into Russian lines. The casualties have been immense, their supply lines are problematic, and their prospects dim.

  2. Prince Harry is da bestest mofo royal inda wurld so stop dissin imma cum ova and shoot all y’all mutherfvckers.

  3. Prince Herry is a mommys boy he has a mommy called Meghan who looks after him cuz he is an idiot.

  4. Actully Prince Harry is geting reddy for the Invictis Games. He wears those medals cuz he served in the army. You ppl shld get ur facts togeter and stop posting fake news. I advize u to stop this BS

  5. Prince Harry is a decorated war hero and deserves every medel he got. Why are u ppl dissing Harry? He won the Medal of Honor and was decorated by Obama.

  6. Meghan set this up for sure she’s in charge of all the PR and Marketing. She gets together with Ovid and her PR ppl everyday.

  7. Why is he doing this to himself he looks like a right idiot. I used to follow the Sussexes for everything they did but now its just shame shame shame every time they are on the internet or tv.

  8. Worrisome Harry looks like he is being forced to do the photograph. Was Meghan something to do with it? What a looser!


  10. What is it with the trash UK media you have to attack anything that is good in any way? Harry the honorable British prince is doing some good here so you should leave him alone. It disgusts me and I had to g o and BARF in the toilet when I read this terrible fake news post. You people need to get a life and stop your lies about prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex. They are the best and they do not deserve any bad press from you pig trash garbage UK media.

  11. Prince Harry gave service to his country in the name of freedom and democracy and he has all the rights to wear all his medals. I am honored and proud to be a fan of Harry.


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