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New Pirola Covid Strain Able to Avoid Antibodies in Blood

LONDON - England - The new Pirola covid strain, BA.2.86 is now in Britain and can avoid antibodies in the blood.

Even if you are Covid sceptic, the news that the latest strain is able to avoid antibodies in blood, thus bypassing your immune system may be slightly alarming.

A new wave of Pirola BA.2.86 is now in Britain, and because people are not testing for it, there is not enough data to quantify how many people are being infected or where it is primarily doing the most damage. In order to be truly successful, BA.2.86 would need to combine its antigenic advantage with inherent transmissibility of the kind seen in the XBB subvariants.

Again, the signs look like this is another test run before more optimised mutations are relinquished. Gain-of-function research on deadly viruses is now standard practice in many labs across the globe, whether in secret or not. Anyone doing this knows what they want and how the results will help them improve gain-of-function mutations.

After the first pandemic, global populations opened up after prolonged lockdowns and economic damage. They were thus lulled into a false sense of security, and this is what the controllers want. They essentially do not care if there are lockdowns or not, their goal is population reduction, and it is better for them that populations actively deny any form of lockdown so that released pathogens like Pirola can do their bidding.

Whittling down with bursts of virus is probably a preferred method than a full on pandemic that causes alarm amongst populations. Even in China, Xi Jinping and the CCP halted their brutal lockdowns easily after public unrest. That was their goal anyway, and they made up a ruse that they were listening to the people, when in fact as soon as they opened up there was another mass culling event. The government ministers shrugged their shoulders and simply said it was the will of the people.

It is certainly a clever plan, and will go under the radar. The masses are too caught up in their daily lives to even care, and covid apathy is still at large. Global economies are still recovering from the first pandemic, but the waves of new covid strains keep getting released. Each wave has its own purpose, it seems. The real fear is that a particularly well-engineered strain is eventually released which will incorporate all viral optimisations, making it almost undetectable for some time and its ability to avoid antibodies before the body bags start piling up. When you see that happening, get out of dodge — fast.

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