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Putin’s Long Game Now Inflaming Tensions in Kosovo

KOSOVO - The Balkans - Putin's long game of averting attention from Ukraine to creating tensions in Kosovo is all too apparent.

The Grandmaster is moving his pieces once again, this time inflaming tensions in Kosovo with his pawns the Serbs doing his bidding. Putin’s long game is becoming more apparent daily. NATO may be concentrating its efforts in Ukraine, but this is a weakness that Putin and his cronies are counting on.

By opening up a further front in Kosovo, the master strategist will split NATO and increasingly unveil the bloc’s vulnerabilities. This escalation is a fulfilment of Moscow’s aspirations. Inflaming tensions in the Balkans to distract the West from its war in Ukraine is what Serbia and Russia have been doing for months. Propaganda from Russia has been flooding the area for the past couple of months with items claiming that Kosovo belongs to Serbia and that the UK is preparing for war in the region. The purpose of such inflammatory rhetoric is to create ethnic violence and destabilise the region once more. This is a key Russian tactic that has worked time and time again.

Putin essentially is playing with NATO and the EU like a cat plays with a mouse, and he is looking for vulnerabilities in every direction. Could be Georgia, could be Poland, but for now it is Kosovo.

Putin’s economy is also going from strength to strength thanks to his friends in Greece, who are also closely tied to the Serbs. The so-called Western oil embargo is a sham, and Greek shipping magnates are making billions by aiding Russia in its war effort against NATO.

The long game is where it’s at, and as the economically faltering West is more concerned with transgender rights and political correctness, Putin is digging deep and moving around freely with his precise military manoeuvres and destabilising propaganda tactics.

Putin was provoked into action in the first place, but now he is doing the provoking.

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