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China’s Vast Appetite For Oil and Gas Suits Russia Just Fine

LONDON - England - Western sanctions on Russia will barely put a dent on the Russian economy, especially as its partner, China has such an appetite for oil.

Blithering NATO a Wreck to Be Toyed With by Putin

KYEV - Ukraine - NATO is stuck in the headlights as Russian grandmaster, Vladimir Putin plays various games to humiliate the West.

Desperate Refugees Used as Pawns in Nasty Geopolitical Chess Game

EU BORDER - Poland - Desperate refugees are being used as pawns to destabilise the West by Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko.

WW3 Update: Baiting the Bear in 2021 For a 2014 Problem

CRIMEAN PENINSULA - Black Sea - Is it worth it for the West to dredge up a lost 2014 problem and risk WW3 in 2021?

Poverty Stricken Russians Still Using Old Soviet Military Equipment

SIBERIA - Russia - Most of the Russian army are ill trained and poorly equipped compared to Western standards and still using modernized equipment from the 1970s.

GEOPOLITICS: Turkey Turns East in Alliance With Russia

ANKARA - Turkey - The Turks are turning towards Russia. How does this geopolitical restructuring impact the West especially in any future global conflict?

Up Your Dardanelles: Let the Russians Use the Straits of Gibraltar

ÇANNAKALE - Turkey - Mad Vlad is fuming today as his Ras-Putin fleet are left stranded in the Black Sea.

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