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Doomsday Clock Putin: “Why do we need such a world where there is no Russia?”

MOSCOW - Russia - Vladimir Putin, on the eve of his own existence, has nothing to lose anymore, especially if Mother Russia loses in Ukraine. The Doomsday Clock tick tocks away towards midnight.

The world is now stuck within a paradoxical imbroglio and a never-ending cycle of war. The West must defend Ukraine, yes, of course it must, however it was the West who coerced the sleeping bear to act in the first place. If it were not for meddling in Ukrainian affairs before Putin snapped and invaded Crimea, we would all not be on the edge of nuclear war right now. The Obama administration meddled in Ukraine, and now in 2023, we are still living with the ultimate consequences. For the Russians, Ukraine was meant to be a buffer to NATO. The Obama administration took that away, resulting in the invasion of Ukraine. Of course, Ukrainians wanted to be free from Russian control, however freedom does come with consequences, especially from a brutal master like Putin.

As the Doomsday Clock ticks closer to midnight, the deranged chemo brain of Putin is also ticking away. Riddled with cancer, Putin is now at his most dangerous, simply because he is himself dying and his obsessive love for Mother Russia is the only thing keeping him barely alive.

Putin firmly believes that the world does not deserve to exist if Russia is somehow undermined or ideologically defeated by the West. The buffer zone of Ukraine was politically taken away from him, and this brought a red mist over the Russian leader. On the 20th February 2014, Putin began his operation to annex the Crimean Peninsula. The incessant baiting of the sleeping bear by the West eventually worked. The grotesque atrocities and genocide committed against the Ukrainian civilians by the Russians was testament to the rage instilled in the Russian troops through brainwashing and propaganda.


The second ‘Special Operation’ to complete the Russian conquest and in their mind ‘repatriation’ of Ukraine took place on the 24th February 2022.

Up until today, the Russians have taken huge losses, and the Russian army has revealed to the world how poorly equipped and trained the majority of their recruits are. With low morale and poor equipment, conscripts are looked upon as mere cannon fodder, mashed into mincemeat in the meat grinder frozen fields of Donbas.

With Western weapons and tanks now operating against the Russians, they are now probably desperate. The Russian Z propaganda may play all over the country but as a symbol, it is viewed as equivalent to a Nazi swastika. The Russians claim they are fighting Nazis in Ukraine, yet they themselves are actively acting like Nazis and fascists themselves. One only has to hear the rhetoric and opinions spewed on Russian TV to see how the former soviets have somehow morphed into the fascists they supposedly hate so much. You become what you hate, and the Russians are the world’s Nazis now, however not with an efficient Blitzkrieg army but a rabble of convicts released from prison and Wagner militia.

If Putin dies tomorrow or has already died, there will be no change, simply because the nutters have taken over the asylum (Kremlin). At least during the Soviet era post-Stalin there was a politburo to keep everything in check — now there is nothing.

The initial skirmish may include a few dirty bombs here or there. Heathrow Airport recently detected a sizeable amount of uranium being delivered to some Iranians (Russian proxies).

The Doomsday Clock is now ticking away…

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