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Google Killer: ChatGPT Takes the Ultimate AI Prize

MOUNTAIN VIEW - USA - Finally, the Google monopoly may be at an end with the introduction of ChatGPT.

As Tony Montana once said “Every dog has his day.” Google may have finally met their match — ChatGPT. Everyone is going frickin’ insane over the AI which has effectively dethroned mega-monopoly bully boys Google. At one point, Google even had a motto “don’t be evil” which they quietly retired after they actively and knowingly became evil.

The skewed Google search engine is all we had for decades, but now ChatGPT basically shits on that biased thing that has been used to turn elections and only favour corporate conglomerates with unlimited cash for advertising.

In fact, the Google/Alphabet monopoly is so scared, they have even recalled original founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page from their permanent vacations.

The re-engagement of Google’s founders, at the invitation of the company’s panicking current thief executive, Sundar Pichai, emphasized the urgency felt among many Google executives about artificial intelligence and that chatbot, ChatGPT.

Eventually, AI will supersede and improve on many traditional jobs from programmers/designers/accountants/lawyers/journalists, but thankfully political satire and the genre of satirical literature is pretty much safe.


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