Newly Unveiled Russian Army ZZ Insignia Resembles Waffen SS

NIZHNY NOVGOROD - Russia - President Vladimir Putin today unveiled the latest Russian army insignia, which will be integrated into all uniforms by August.

Russian army Z and Waffen SS

Vladimir Putin today unveiled the latest Z insignia for the Russian army, and hopes it will invigorate his troops to commit more atrocities in Ukraine and beyond.

“As I have mentioned in the past, Russia has no borders. Mother Russia will soon extend across the entirety of Europe and from there we will conquer the entire world. No one can stop us. Our new Russian army insignia will make our troops fight harder and more efficiently to ensure complete destruction of our enemies,” Putin said at a conference in Nizhny Novgorod, to great applause.

z russian army

The Z symbol has been plastered all over tanks and other military vehicles during the illegal Ukraine invasion.

Military historians however have questioned the new Russian army Z insignia, and have compared it to the Nazi SS Waffen insignia.

“There seems to be an immense similarity between the new Russian Z insignia’s symbolism and the German Schutzstaffel, Waffen SS insignia. The similarity does not end in the symbolism however, it seems Russian troops are imitating the kind of atrocities committed by Adolf Hitler’s SS on the battlefield and on unarmed civilians. Whether it is intentional or not, Vladimir Putin and his commanders as well as troops should be tried and convicted for war crimes,” historian Dr Reynold Treblink, revealed in the Telegraph.

The Russians seem to have forgotten what happened in World War II. Conversely, the Russians rather ironically have adopted the exact terror techniques of one of their greatest adversaries — the Nazis.

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