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Dark Matter is Truly Dark and Hard to See in Space Scientist Discovers

MEYRIN - Switzerland - According to a senior scientist at CERN Dark Matter is pretty dark making it kind of hard to find in space.

Hugh Trino, senior scientist at CERN emphasised that recent studies on Dark Matter have been very revealing … upon scrutiny of over 20 years of data no dark matter has ever been found.

“Not finding Dark Matter is precisely what we expected, it vindicates our search for it … we told you it was dark. Dr Trino continues “… its an optical quirk you see … if space itself was not so black we would see dark matter everywhere … and that’s science fact.”

“Our next experiment involves manufacturing the world’s most expensive flashlight … an instrument we call the Total Illumination Transitory Spectrometer (TITS) … something our scientists here at CERN cannot stop thinking about. This will allow us to illuminate the distant edge of our Universe and will make Dark Matter more visible. TITS’ images will be revealed to the public in early 2023 and will raise a few eyebrows in the particle physics community for sure.”

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