Political Satire: Daily Squib Podcast Announcement

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib editor will be publishing a weekly podcast of exclusive content, articles and music.

podcast political satire

Dear Squibbers and anyone who is interested in any way in satire, as the editor of this curious newspaper I have decided to publish a weekly podcast.

Check it out here

The podcast will include select Squib articles, exclusive music compositions, live unedited musical jams and interviews.

If you ever wanted to know what I sound like, well this is your chance.

Making a podcast is certainly a challenge, amongst all my other duties for the Squib. I now fully respect radio DJs, engineers and even YouTubers (yuck, can’t believe I wrote that). To record relatively professional vocals is certainly a challenge, as I am more used to guitars. At the moment, I am making do with the equipment I have, but in the future if things go well, I may be able to upgrade some of my ageing gear.

Anyway, please join me every week, and all are welcome to join the discussion.

Help us fight for freedom — you get unique DS goodies too …

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