Fun Times at Disney World For All the Family

FLORIDA - USA - Disney World is a great place to take the family for fun, thrills and brawls.

disney world

Hey, everyone loves Disney World, right? It’s a magical place where visitors to the fun filled theme park can lose themselves and truly have a marvellous time.

This family friendly resort will bring a smile to the most miserable bastard, and will entertain the entire family.

Magic Kingdom

With tonnes of rides and restaurants, you will be hard-pressed to see and experience everything at Magical Kingdom.

‘Young people’, don’t forget to have massive brawls and riots when you visit to add to the general ambience of the place.

It seems the happy atmosphere at Disney World brings out the delightful cultural character of ‘young people’ everywhere.

“I loved visiting Disney World so much I left with two black eyes and a shattered jaw bone,” one visitor revealed from their hospital bed.

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