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Mad Vlad and the Hunger For More Territory

MOSCOW - Russia - Mad Vlad will not stop in the Donbas but has now tasted blood, and he wants more.

According to Mad Vlad Vladimir Putin, there are no borders to Russia, and his greed for more territory is just getting started.

“You think Vlad is going to stop after annexing three quarters of Ukraine? If it means forcibly enlisting Russia’s babushkas to man the tanks he will do it. Putin is now enlisting from Russia’s many prisons. He wants the entire Ukraine, and he will do it by any means possible,” a Ukrainian man revealed outside his destroyed home.

Russian supermarkets are still brimming with goods despite the so-called Western sanctions which only drove further East. The EU is still supporting Russian oil and gas exports, with Greece keeping the Russian ship lanes going. As for Vichy Macron, he daily courts Putin despite the terrible atrocities committed by the Russians in Ukraine. There is method in his madness, he knows Putin will not stop in the Donbas and when the Russian army reaches Paris, he wants France to be spared of destruction.

As for the speculation that Putin is going to drop off soon, well, there is no proof of that, and even people with illnesses or diseases can survive for decades despite what others may say.

“In Russia, we can still get anything we want from China or other countries in Asia. We are now more self-sufficient and do not rely on anyone else. Fuck McDonalds and all the others. If we want to eat shit, we eat Russian shit,” a Moscow resident remarked.

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