Dover: Dad Are We There Yet?

KENT - England - Thousands of people trying to cross the channel from Dover for their summer holidays are enduring huge traffic jams.

HGV Lorries queue on the M20 motorway outside Dover

It’s the summer hols…yay! You’ve packed everything into the car including the wife and two kids, keyed in the route to the ferry in Dover, checked the tyres, filled up the petrol tank and are ready for the 45-minute journey to Dover to catch the ferry on time. The destination of course is the glorious nation of France, where the croissants flow like rivers and the essence of garlic permeates your entire sensory frequency range.

There is one slight snag. Some wanker in Calais wants to play vindictive games with you just because Britain is not in the EU. Not all Frenchies are vindictive cunts, but there are a decent amount who have emerged from the slime since Brexit.

Little Johnny and Tamara are expecting an exciting start to their summer holidays. Instead, we are greeted with a 30-mile traffic jam, and that’s not including the mess in Dover. According to the radio there is a 15,000 car backlog in Dover and the trucks are backed up even further.

Nine hours later, spitting blood, sweating and fucking angry, the wife is in tears, the kids are shouting and crying and still Dover is not in sight.

All of this because Britain voted to leave the soviet undemocratic collectivist EU state in 2016. Brexit punishments have been coming thick and fast ever since attempting to leave the authoritarian soviet state.

Who is in the wrong here? The vindictive wankers who actively create obstacles for British people who want to go on holiday in the continent, or the fucking idiotic sheeple who have to travel abroad to Europe even though they know the journey will be a miserable unduly expensive nightmare?

Daddy, are we there yet? Freedom certainly does come at some cost it seems.

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