Leadership Contest: Trust in Truss or Fishy Rishi?

LONDON - England - The Tory leadership contest candidates Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are rather underwhelming.

liz truss rishi sunak leadership contest

As far as leaders of the government go, the choice in the Tory leadership contest is rather insipid. Can we trust in Truss, who was a remainer? Although she has shown promise as Foreign secretary, she could still be a remainer Trojan horse, much like Theresa May was. Look at the utter mess created by Theresa May who first promised to uphold Brexit then went on to nearly destroy the EU Referendum result.

What about Fishy Rishi or two pints of lard Greasy Rishi? Sunak is essentially an establishment automaton who takes orders from his globalist masters. He is a pen-pushing technocrat with about as much personality as a piece of damp lettuce.

All in all, it is not looking good, but out of these two candidates, who do not have an ounce of what Boris once had, Truss looks like the best candidate. She will probably still lose because some are behind Sunak as he is a total ‘yes man’ to his controllers. No one wants a PM who has their own mind, look at what happened to Boris when the herd stampeded his individualistic style of leadership. Our choice is Truss over Fishy Rishi.

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