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Are You Ready For Greasy?

LONDON - England - Is Britain ready for greasy Rishi Sunak's hair? His promotional video where he vies for the job of PM reveals more oily details.

You can’t get smoother than a greasy oil laden Rishi Sunak promotional video. First out of the traps, he is apparently leading the field and flying ahead like grease lightning in the race to replace the ousted Boris Johnson.

What are Sunak’s credentials to become the next prime minister of Britain?

Apart from being a backstabber, Sunak offers some hard lessons for Britons by doing “what is right, despite the pain”. In other words, be prepared for more high taxation for a prolonged period of time reducing spending, reducing business innovation and commerce in general.

Whoever thought that taxing people within an inch of their lives was good for an economy or stimulates economic growth obviously was not living in the real world. It’s all okay for Sunak in his massive mansion whose non-dom billionaire wife doesn’t even pay tax in Britain.

“The economic cogs are not greased, unlike my hair. They are instead solidly rusted unmoving cogs clogged with high taxes and costs stalling the economy, ruining the future for Britain and its children,” Sunak revealed in his video whilst adding even more grease to his already soppy oily hair.

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