Tory Leadership Debate: Sunak Tried to Give Everyone in Studio £500 Each

STOKE ON TRENT - England - The latest Tory Leadership debate turned out okay for Rishi Sunak who used a little persuasion technique to grease the cogs.

sunak tory leadership debate

Mega rich former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak was seriously flashing the cash before the Tory leadership debate last night.

One of the cameramen working in the filming studio was disgusted at his arrogant attitude.

“We thought it was a bit odd when he walked in with four young Asian boys who were carrying a very heavy suitcase. Sunak then ordered the boys to unlock it. He scrambled around inside for a moment, then started taking out stacks of cash. Going around the studio in a clockwise direction, he was handing out wads of money to everyone. Even the bloody cleaner got a stack.”

The key grip refused to take the cash from Sunak so he gave the floor manager an extra wad of notes. Audience members present at the debate seemed very appreciative of the Sunak cash gifts.

Liz Truss, who was Sunak’s opponent, was also offered the cash with a wink and a nod but refused.

According to polls after the debate, Rishi Sunak won the debate.

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