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Heathrow Uranium Shipment Was a Warning

LONDON - England - The shipment of uranium to Heathrow Airport in December was a warning.

Anything the Iranians do, one can be sure the Russian FSB and Kremlin are behind it. The Daily Squib wrote about why Russia would not nuke the West directly, but would utilise a proxy to carry out a dirty bomb attack on a city. The reason for this would not only be to inflict heavy damage to a country economically, but to also render an entire city inhabitable for decades. There would be no retaliation as the perpetrators would never be found.

It’s no news that the Iranians hate the UK/USA as much as the Russians. Putin, in his wisdom, would however spare Paris, France from the deluge simply because the brown-nose master Macron has crawled so far up Putin’s arsehole that he can tickle his tonsils.

To this end, the Heathrow was a warning. Uranium sensors are all over the place, and the people who imported several kilos of uranium knew it would be picked up. The other scenario of course is that they are a bunch of incompetent fucks who have no idea what they are doing.

Either way, Frederick Forsyth’s Fourth Protocol was a good book, and the scenario could easily play out in Britain today, especially as there are plenty of US bases around. Letting off a dirty bomb atomic explosion around a US base would not be a very nice thing to do. Who would get the blame for that, especially if there are nuclear missiles at the US bases?

A major counter-terrorism investigation has been launched after several kilograms of uranium was seized at Heathrow airport. The deadly nuclear material – which could potentially be used in a ‘dirty bomb’ – arrived on a flight from Oman, in the Middle East, on December 29. The shipment was addressed to an Iranian-linked firm in the UK, it is understood. Sources said the uranium was ‘not weapons-grade’ – and so could not be used to manufacture a thermo-nuclear weapon. But the security services are understood to be investigating whether the undeclared package could have been destined for an improvised nuclear device, known as a ‘dirty bomb’. Such a device – which has long been a nightmare scenario for counter-terror experts – combines conventional explosives with nuclear material to disperse a lethal radioactive plume. The package originated in Pakistan before arriving at Heathrow’s Terminal Four aboard an Oman Air passenger jet from Muscat, sources told The Sun.

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