While Biden Slept Iran Finished Building a Nuclear Bomb

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Obama and Joe Biden's inaction enabled the Iranians to build a nuclear bomb.

biden nap

Thank you Joe Biden, while you have been asleep Iran has completed  building their nuclear arsenal so they can decimate and erase Israel.

The Iranian plutonium enrichment programme is now capable of creating functional nuclear missiles, and suitcase bombs. Who is to say the Iranians will overtly attack their targets. Suitcase bombs can be smuggled into any country and detonated in any city.

Want to make New York city into an inhabitable radioactive wasteland and drop the stock market to zero? No one will know who did it, and Russia or China could be blamed. Vice versa, a suitcase nuke detonates outside the Kremlin making Red Square into a glass crater. Who gets the blame for that one?

Alternatively, the Persians in all their ancient wisdom and desire for self preservation, simply sell off their suitcase nukes to the highest bidder. The possibilities are endless, and it’s all thanks to Obama and Biden enabling the Iranians to do this.

Does Joe Biden shuffle in his dreams as well?

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