ACHTUNG! Commando Comic to be Renamed Commie-ando!

LONDON - England - The Commando comic has been castrated by new soviet woke directives, removing the essence of the original comic.


If you grew up in the days when there was a modicum of free speech and freedom of art, Commando comic was a true boy’s treat. It captured the daring missions of World War II with a slight jingoistic fervour, but was entertaining, harmless fun.

Totalitarian woke soviet censorship

Those days of freedom have sadly succumbed to the evil of communist totalitarian speech control, and ironically the brave soldiers fighting the Germans and Japs in WWII depicted in the comic should have been fighting the soviet communists in reality because in the future they were defeated by that very political Marxist ideology.

The soldiers who fought for our Western rights of free expression in everyday life, literature and art have since seen those freedoms they fought for trampled on by the woke communist Stasi agents now taking over everything.

No doubt, because Commando will not be able to repeat what Tommy’s actually called the Jerries, the Boches and Krauts in WW2, the comic will lose readers because it will essentially be castrated…impotent…an empty husk.

In a few years or even months down the line, Commando will disappear, much like the much-loved Mad magazine was forced to shut because of wokism.

Notch it up as another victory for soviet woke Stasi scum who kill everything they touch with their reverse Midas touch.

The men who gave their blood and sweat in WWII for our freedoms sadly died for absolutely nothing.


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