As a kid I remember the thrill of buying an edition of Mad magazine. It had this certain forbidden edge to it where the writers and artists addressed taboo topics, and destroyed hypocritical celebrities through hilarious parody and satirical stories. Mort Drucker, and his amazing caricature masterpieces are a reminder of the innovative, creative genius of a time long gone by, as well as the other wonderful writers and artists of those days.

Sadly, after the new millennium, Mad magazine was no more, its content had deteriorated to sub-standard PC nonsense. Many including me stopped buying it. There were no more tits, or edgy jokes. The magazine started a downward spiral into politically correct compliance after ads were introduced which forever ruined the freedom that the artists and writers held before.

Mad then had to pander to PC indoctrination, and only write stories which were acceptable to the socialist political ideology of ‘not offending anyone’ which meant that their satirical streak and comedy suffered completely. It is nigh on impossible to write comedy or satire without offending somebody, and this is the crux about socialist political correctness, it renders satire and comedy dead.

Sanitising comedy and satire basically removes the edge off it, from that point, the whole concept of satire falls through the floor, it is bleached out of existence. This is why Mad magazine died, and naturally, no one wants to read it any more, because there is nothing left to read. We also live in an atmosphere today of a youth who are not skeptical but have been indoctrinated in politically correct mantras from infancy and are nothing but NPCs who do not question anymore. These NPCs have no understanding of comedy, satire, or parody so why would they ever buy or read anything of that sort? They are certainly not like the skeptical generation that grew up with Mad in their back pocket.

To survive, satire has to address and question issues that others are not prepared to do.

Look at the cycles of MTV, and YouTube, which used to be edgy, have material that made the viewer watch it. From MTV’s Jackass shorts featuring one of the characters shaving their balls whilst being shot out of a cannon at 200 MPH, to a clinical stale platform where all media is controlled to portray socialist PC public service announcements declaring the benefits of being of a certain skin colour, open borders, bad white people, and encouraging infants to change gender, MTV is now just a socialist public service announcement agenda service playing banal template autotune R’n’B music 24 hours a day in between their indoctrinating adverts .

The same has happened to YouTube, where people could post edgy material without being censored when it first started out. Now, the PC leftist programmed algorithm demotes your video, shadow bans you, and demonetizes your channel, thus creating a sterile echo chamber of mobile phone review videos, and socialist justice politically correct detritus that is vomitously sterile Marxist indoctrination. Eventually these platforms will collapse just like Mad magazine because they lost their edge.

I salute the editors, writers and artists of Mad before the sterilisation and PC socialist agenda kicked in and you were kicked out. You were the real deal, and I enjoyed many an afternoon chuckling through your pages as a kid. Thank you for those brief moments.

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