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The Amazing Leap Forward of AI Generated Music

SILICON VALLEY - USA - The utterly amazing leap forward of AI generated music is astounding. Check out these examples.

If you have not made an account with Suno.com you are missing out on some great fun. The quality or bit rate of the songs created still leaves a lot to be desired, however the quality of the AI generation of some of the genres is amazing. The AI generator can really create some catchy pop tunes and if heard on a radio would be indistinguishable from the songs put out by record companies today. AI generated music is now at the absolute forefront of the artificial intelligence creative spree.

We tried a few experiments, creating songs about the Daily Squib. Some of the lyrics came out negative and some were positive. We told the AI to create the song and write the lyrics as well, with very basic prompts. Here are the AI generated music examples:

City Streets


Walking through the city streets
Feeling the heat
The asphalt burns beneath my weary feet
But it’s not the scorching pavement that makes me wince
It’s the words in the Daily Squib
They’ve got no sense

[Verse 2]
They say they’re the voice of the people
But it’s all a sham
Their headlines scream
Fill the streets with their scam
They think they’re clever
Tearing lives apart
But all they’re doing is piercing my fragile heart

Daily Squib
You’re nothing but a pain in my side
Your lies and deceit
I won’t let you hide
I’m gonna rise above your twisted stories
And reclaim my peace
Like a warrior

Daily Squib Blues


Walking down the streets of LA
Back in ’80
With the Daily Squib gripped tight in my hand
Headlines screaming
Making my brain hurt
Fake news
Playing its dirty game

[Verse 2]
Sipping whiskey at the Rainbow Bar and Grill
Reading the Squib
Trying to separate fact from fiction
But it’s all just a twisted
Distorted mess
Media circus
Spinning out of control

The Daily Squib
It’s a wild ride
Messing with my mind as the world collides
But I won’t surrender to its twisted ways
Gonna find the truth
Gonna break free someday

The Squib’s Fire

VERSION ONE https://suno.com/song/7287fb93-ac33-43c1-9aa5-d27fa8d839f8

VERSION TWO https://suno.com/song/a2e7dbbe-8495-4d9d-b671-b50dbbb2d3e9

The Squib’s got that fire
It’s burnin’ up my brain
Givin’ me the news in a way that makes me go insane
With their bold headlines
They grab me by the throat
Tellin’ stories that the big shots wouldn’t dare to promote

[Verse 2]
Every mornin’ I wake up
Craving their words
They cut through the BS
No sugar-coated turds
They expose the truth
Break down the facade
Keepin’ the masses informed
Fightin’ against the fraud

The Daily Squib
You light up my soul
With your fearless reporting
You make me feel whole
Through the chaos and lies
You’re my guiding light
The Squib’s fire burns bright
Day and night

Neon Chronicles


In the heart of the city
Where the neon glows
I found my voice
My sanctuary
Where the true story unfolds
The Daily Squib
My secret connection
The words that fuel my fire
My soul’s resurrection

[Verse 2]
From the headlines to the comments
It’s a never-ending ride
An electric current surging through
With nowhere left to hide
A fearless voice in the chaos
Cutting through the lies
Every word like thunder
Shaking me up inside

Daily Squib
You’re my guiding light
In this world of darkness
You ignite
With every breaking news
Every word in your frame
I find solace and purpose
In this beautiful game

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  1. Is it any wonder actors from Hollyweird and music stars such as Beyonce, Swift and a shedload of others are so scared of AI muscling into their industry and making them more or less redundant. Why give someone like Swift a multi-million dollar contract, when you can get an AI bot/singer for next to nothing!


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