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Liz Truss the Star of Morose Miserable Tory Conference

MANCHESTER - England - Former PM Liz Truss was a rare chink of light amongst a morose and miserable Tory Conference.


The socialist Tory Party is having their yearly conference in Manchester, and it is a morose affair as usual. They may call themselves Tories, but are very far from conservative in any way. As usual, miser Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy _unt was on the podium explaining in excruciating terms why he is taxing Britain to a standstill; stifling small business, deterring foreign business and making the lives of everyday Britons a living hell. Directly adjacent to all of this misery, deposed former PM Liz Truss was a chink of rare light, and brought serious points of hope to a party that is stuck in the mire and will most probably be voted out at the next election.

Liz Truss, a true Brexiteer with a forward winning vision, was ousted by remainers in the socialist Tory Party and big whale remainers who work in banks and are aligned with the EU. It was her forward-looking vision for Brexit which triggered the powerful money men to threaten market meltdowns if she was not ousted. To have a successful Britain after Brexit was seen as a huge threat to the EU, and this is why she was ousted. Conversely, Boris Johnson was similarly punished for daring to fight for democracy by realising some form of  Brexit after a massive anti-democratic movement in parliament attempting to quash the people’s vote.

Apart from Liz Truss, this year’s miserable horrid backward-looking Tory conference was a disgraceful malevolent barren affair.

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