Magnificent Meghan Markle Gets Ready For Pregnancy in Home Gym

MONTECITO - USA - An impromptu photoshoot of Meghan Markle in her home gym reveals how hard she is working to get fit for the pregnancy.

Every man will get sweaty after they see the wonderful sight of Meghan Markle getting ready in her home gym for her pregnancy in seven months time.

She performs a perfect split on the floor, then proceeds to do 10 press-ups with little or no effort. Harry is a lucky guy to have such a supple wife.

Dressed in a figure hugging leotard Meghan displays her figure for the cameras with ease, as the Hello magazine featurette will also go to pay for a small portion of the running costs of the massive Montecito estate.

Meghan then bends over abruptly and lets off a little fanny fart, it squeaks of tightness down there, and the cameraman flinches as he sniffs a hint of burrito and refried beans.

Showing off her svelte figure even in the throes of pregnancy, Meghan is a photographer’s delight, and exudes a certain energy that cannot be replicated by others.

“Here’s one for the Queen!” Meghan yells as she lifts a weight but finds it too heavy dropping the bulky object on her toe.

“Yow!” oh dear, it’s off to the changing rooms with you young lady. You need to nurse that sore toe, which one you ask, well you decide?