What Lockdown: 100,000 Flights into UK Per Week

LONDON - England - The pathetic non-lockdown is a farce, especially with 100,000 flights coming into the UK per week.

Screenshot 2020-05-04 at 01.42.40 (www.flightradar24.com)
Screenshot 2020-05-04 at 01.42.40 (www.flightradar24.com)

As we have mentioned in countless articles since the beginning of the so-called Great British lockdown, International flights are still coming into the UK by the shedload from global coronavirus hotspots. There are no checks at airports, and it is certain the COVID-19 virus is continuing its infection of the UK population who are still supposedly under lockdown.

It has only been this week that the government announced some sort of un-policed half-hearted quarantine measures for flights into the UK. Naturally this will not include the ports, where hundreds of thousands of people enter the UK weekly, or the rubber dinghies that come over from France holding refugees.

During the sunny weather period a week ago, lockdown seemed a distant memory for thousands of Brits who frequented the beaches, parks and streets to enjoy the sun, and it is certain the virus as well.

The M25 is back to its car park status, as millions of drivers get out and about to spread the virus in various shops and overcrowded scenic spots.

For the virus, this is a welcome respite, because it does not like it when there are no human bodies to infect.

As the idiots in Whitehall push for schools and businesses to re-open early, rest assured, coronavirus will continue its upward trajectory of infections with abject glee.