Hillary Clinton to Star in Italian Horror Movie

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Capitol Hill was visited by demons today when news came through from Italy that veteran horror director Dario Argento has cast the 67th United States Secretary of State in his new film Demons VI.

“Hillary Clinton scares the living shit out of me when I look at her. Just looking at her demonic manifestation and her reptile eyes makes my skin crawl. I had to cast her for the movie and luckily she accepted, because frankly she’s bored with this Obama doofus who is a loser on a grand scale. She can’t stand being second fiddle to him,” director, Dario Argento told Horror Week, whilst shooting the movie’s intro scenes in Milan.

The plot of the movie is a well kept secret, but Mr Argento has revealed that his leading lady, Mrs Clinton, will play a ‘shapeshifter’ who infiltrates a political party and becomes a high ranking politician.

“I know this storyline has been flogged to death already, but let me tell you my horror fans, this time it will be different and you shall be scared out of your fucking skin. Oh mio Dio! I am a seasoned horror fan myself but after watching Hillary in real life, I was so scared that a little of my hair went white instantly. She’s the real deal,” Mr Argento revealed.

The director is said to be fascinated by the many faces of Hillary Clinton.

Filming of Demons VI is scheduled to finish by July of next year and Hillary Clinton will make regular flights to Italy to film her scenes as well as continue her job as Secretary of State to the United States. The White House has given full clearance for the film as has the Pentagon.